Participate In Our Programmes

Trybe House Theatre is developing a series of participatory programmes which will launch later this year. Participants will be able to engage in interactive exercises designed to facilitate emotional understanding and trust; to encourage openness and sharing; to develop a sense of purpose and connectivity. These will all be arts-based, and together the group will explore their creativity. They will identify a theme they want to explore further, and devise a performed piece to share. 

The length of these programmes will vary but all of Trybe House Theatre’s programmes cover six milestones:

  1. Search
  2. Support
  3. Strengthen 
  4. Shape 
  5. Share 
  6. Succeed

“Being surrounded by like minded brothers, empowers me and makes me feel like I’m never alone. Because I can be not unapologetically black, but unapologetically myself. I never feel limited or restricted to be who I want to be, because I know I am being seen and listened to as a human by my fellow brothers.

Tijan Sarr – Guilford School Of Acting, 3rd Year Acting Student

All Trybe House Theatre programmes are developed by experienced practitioners, including trained mental health specialists.

To Register an interest, please follow the links below to fill in the registration forms.

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