Why Trybe ?

“The theatre itself is not revolutionary: It is a rehearsal for the revolution”

Augusto Boal

Why Trybe ?

We are bringing a new definition.

We acknowledge how important it is to experience the joy of being recognised and valued by open-minded people. These common familial denominators help establish a sense of belonging in humans which, if positively reinforced, build long-term resilience and trust. They can shape our purpose, our goals and our mission in life. 

Trybe members support one another. They embrace a shared identity and vision. Their leaders / elders connect with newer, younger members because they have already walked in their paths. They can commiserate in disappointments and celebrate successes. Trybe members know their vulnerabilities and learn their strengths.

Our Trybe is a happy place where constructive belonging is inspiring. 

Our Values


We believe that by being open to others about who we are is key to developing trust and encouraging others to open up too. Our session leaders will appropriately and pro-actively share their own experiences on array of different topics, including mental health. 


We believe that creativity can serve as a therapeutic process when evoking positive and negative life experiences. This process enables us to instil participants with devising techniques ranging from improvisation, free writing and physical theatre. 


We believe in the power of sharing our stories. The opportunity to present work back to the wider community is where empathy and social change can be inspired.


Accountability is really important to us and so participants are encouraged to share insights about positive wellbeing amongst friends and family members, to help to begin to break the cycle of stigmas surrounding mental health.


We believe that providing dedicated time to mark achievements – be they big or small – is an important aspect of building longer term resilience. The act of sharing our work with wider audiences provides positive opportunities for collective acknowledgement of success, and moments to alter existing perceptions and prejudices. 

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